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Business Development and Consulting

Owning your own business is like having a family. You start it, not always sure where it is going to go, but you keep working at it. Eventually it grows, owners learn new tricks and lessons, but at the end of the day, its your baby. Its something to be proud of.

We understand that feeling. We grew our firm from small roots, and love to see people succeed. Our philosophy is to roll up the sleeves and work with you. Its not always an easy road to travel, but we are there with you - we want to see you grow and succeed.

Our services include the development of cash flows, incorporation and asset transfers, business plans, assist in banking and financing arrangements, even a critique on a proposed office location.

Direct Selling Experts

Offering professional guidance for direct selling companies and sales representatives.
Direct selling or network marketing is a multi-billion dollar sales channel with millions of customers and sales representatives worldwide. It’s a unique environment that empowers individuals to become entrepreneurs and to achieve personal success and satisfaction. If you’re involved as a representative or you’re thinking of starting your own direct sales company, you know the unique challenges that come with being in the direct selling business. At Pinnacle CPAs, we’re here to help!

Accounting and Financial Control

Running a direct selling company can be rewarding both professionally and financially, and often is a faster way to market than a retail venture. All businesses require appropriate accounting and financial control systems and procedures, but direct selling has some very unique features that can trip up even the most seasoned business executive. We can help you manage production costs, accurately project and control commission payouts, and prepare cash flow projections so that you can focus on selling your products and marketing your opportunity without worrying about surprises that might come from overpaying commissions or uncontrolled selling costs. We will handle all your accounting and financial control needs. Learn more about our accounting services here.

Taxation and Audit

Pinnacle CPAs offers the complete range of tax services, from preparation of personal and corporate tax returns, to estates, corporate reorganizations and more, both for Canadian and US corporations and for individuals. In direct selling, there are many tax advantages for small business that an individual sales representative can benefit from. Proper tax planning can save you money! Learn more about our tax and audit services here.
Legal and Regulatory Compliance

You may not realize it, but direct selling companies have legal and regulatory requirements that are specific for the industry, both at the corporate and field level. These issues can range from the structure of your compensation plan, the type of marketing or medical claims you make about your products, how your field representatives portray your opportunity and the earnings potential, to how you market to customers. We have experts that can help you navigate these legal issues and keep you on the right side of the law and compliant with Canadian and US regulations.

Marketing and Compensation

Pinnacle CPAs can assist you with designing your compensation plan, whether multi-level, unilevel, or party plan. We’ll show you the potential and pitfalls of each kind, adapt a plan to match your business goals, and simulate the payout before you launch. You’ll need to develop a career path for your field representatives, including incentives, promotions, and events, as well as provide effective sales tools for them. A significant change in the industry is occurring as the internet and social media provide more avenues to connect with your customers than ever before.

Our Clients Speak

“ Mr. Watkin is both knowledgeable and astute in the accounting profession. His pursuit of knowledge and ability to remain abreast of current topics, is unsurpassed. His guidance as a mentor has been a most valuable asset. He is a published writer for various media outlets with focus on the mining industry. I recommend his services to anyone who wants a job done right the first time!”
– Sandra Pereira (Senior Accountant)