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Medical Industry Professionals

Our firm has the great privilege of dealing with many medical professionals. In fact, we deal and have dealt with some highly specialized physicians.

While it would seem that each physician would like to be like the next, that is in fact not the case. For every physician, and every specialty, there is usually a different structure in place for billing, service delivery, overheads, costs, travel, etc.

Because we are a “boutique firm”, we can take the time to get to know each physician situation in detail, and have the continuity and knowledge base to remember it from year-to-year, in order to get very favourable tax planning outcomes for the client.

It is important with physicians, and any other type of client, to liaise with their respective financial advisors to ensure that taxes are minimized. Our firm does that in a very effective manner and has been doing so for almost a decade.

In times of government cutbacks, it is especially important that physicians maximize their take-home pay, and minimize taxes. Our firm has the staff and expertise to assist in doing so.